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Windridge Coatings - Powder Coating Limited Warranty

WINDRIDGE COATINGS LIMITED confirm the polyester powders used meet the provisions of DIN EN 12933 part 6 or are Qualicoat approved and are suitable for application onto steel, aluminium and galvanised steel sheet, profiles and extrusions. A standard 10 year warranty (longer warranties are available by pre-arrangement) is offered which is neither interrupted nor extended by the rectification of faults, reworking or indemnification.

To be eligible for the warranty the following criteria must be met:

  1. Provision by the client of a full Purchase Order prior to commencement of work confirming:
    1. Complete instructions of the project to include:
      1. Name of contractor.
      2. General description (including sketch or engineering drawings).
      3. Nature of environment, (inland, marine heavy industrial, traffic or other).
      4. Colour (stating the RAL/BS number).
      5. All other relevant information.
  2. Components, quality and design must be fit for painting:
    1. It is the responsibility of the client to decide whether powder coating is a suitable coating.
    2. It is the responsibility of the client to decide whether the fabrication and design is suitable for coating.
  3. Products are properly presented for painting:
    1. Self colour mild steel and Aluminium
      1. Windridge Coatings prepare components for painting but does not finish manufacture. It is for the client to remove fabrication marks such as creases left by break press, deep fabrication scratches, grinding smooth welds, removing weld spatter, rounding off sharp guillotine edges, etc.
    2. Galvanised material
      1. Powder coating over galvanised steel is rarely smooth and blemish free. Windridge Coatings will fettle and endeavour to remove the worst lumps, clinker, spikes, and any other unsightly marks produced by the galvanising process, but this does not include the build-up over welded areas unless requested.
      2. Some components are large and complex in shape, and have a galvanised pattern, or grain, covering the surface; not every blemish will be removed. If this is required then the component must be fettled before it arrives for painting.
      3. Galvanised material is frequently delivered damaged from transit or through rough handling. This can result in the zinc being chipped off. In such cases Windridge Coatings will attempt to smooth jagged edges by grinding; but will not be liable for this paintwork, as during the heating of the paint process, these edges can reappear and there may be visible signs of the original galvanise damage after painting.
      4. It should be considered that, in removing all of the blemishes and making the galvanise coating perfectly smooth, much of the zinc may be removed. This is detrimental for the galvanic protection of the steel, so Windridge Coatings will not grind the galvanised surface totally smooth.
  4. Limitation of liability
    1. Liability only extends to the value of the painting carried out by Windridge Coatings.
    2. Except where Windridge Coatings Ltd has failed to exercise reasonable care, there will be no liability in any circumstances for death or personal injury.
    3. Windridge Coatings will not be liable for any consequential and/or indirect loss.
    4. No liability shall exist where Windridge Coatings are instructed to apply against its advice.
    5. It is at the discretion of Windridge Coatings to carry out remedial work where corrosion or other defects collectively add up to less than 5% of the total coated area.
  5. Fair wear and tear
    1. Should remedial work be agreed then proportion of remedial work cost covered will be:

      Defect within 12 months: 100%
      Defect in year 2: 90%
      Defect in year 3: 75%
      Defect in year 4: 60%
      Defect in year 5: 35%
      Defect in years 6 to 8: 25%
      Defect in years 9 and 10: 10%

      For extended warranty periods:

      Defect within first 10% of warranty period: 100%
      Defect between 10% and 20% of warranty period: 80%
      Defect between 20% and 30% of warranty period: 65%
      Defect between 30% and 40% of warranty period: 35%
      Defect between 40% and 50% of warranty period: 20%
      Defect between 60% and 80% of warranty period: 15%
      Defect between 90% and 100% of warranty period: 10%
    2. Windridge Coatings shall decide on the adequacy of remedial work
    3. Any repairs and/or maintenance carried out without consent are excluded from the warranty.
    4. Windridge Coatings are not liable for work carried out by other parties unless agreed in writing.
  6. Warranty Exclusions Windridge Coatings will not be liable if:
    1. failure is due to impact, abrasion, mechanical damage, neglect, or malicious damage
    2. damage has arisen due to improper storage of the components prior to, or during fixing
    3. the fabrication and design are unsuitable for coating
    4. damage arises from improper cleaning and maintenance on coated surfaces
    5. the product for powder coating is regularly exposed to heat above 80℃
    6. failure is due to being within 500 metres of the sea, due to influence of acid, alkali, industrial or other aggressive emission sources, which are known, or believed, to be damaging to thermosetting powder coatings. (Unless special provisions have been made)
    7. where failure is due to the use of adhesive tapes, sealants, mastics or other reactive substances
    8. where the component's environment humidity exceeds 80%, for 60% of the time, or a combination that amounts to the same or more humidity exposure
    9. where failure is attributable to actions of other parties after painting, including cutting, drilling or reworking
    10. the frequency of cleaning is- inadequate. The frequency of the cleaning depends on the environment in which the painting is used. For normal urban environments, the paintwork should be cleaned a minimum of every 12 months unless otherwise directed. Marine and areas of high industrial pollution should be cleaned every 3 months, unless a special arrangement is in place. If the paint is exhibiting signs of corrosion the frequency of the cleaning is to be increased
    11. the cleaning agent has caused harm to the powder coating
    12. the powder coating is greater than three stories in height
    13. notification in writing is not received within 60 days of any failure of the paintwork becoming apparent
    14. where the failure is attributable to inappropriate design of the component, such as:
      1. water traps, including folded returns, and areas of permanent dampness
      2. areas that have not been fully painted, including inaccessible areas for painting, and doors supplied hinged to frames
      3. there are sharp edges
      4. it has not been brought to our attention that components have been laser cut so that special procedures can take place to remove any residual scale
      5. there are drill holes
      6. there are stress cracks
      7. there are welds.
    15. contamination is introduced to the component prior to delivery, i.e. cutting fluids and lubricants, protective solutions, Silicone compounds, fillers and other paint repelling contamination that will affect the proper performance of the powder coating.
    16. edges are drilled, or cut, including the use of a laser where the protective plastic film has not been removed.
  7. Warranty Exclusions
    1. Cleaning and maintenance.
      1. IGP the Powder manufacturer, and Windridge Coatings Ltd, require proof that the work warranted is being maintained. They are to be informed in writing or email prior to commencement of cleaning, checking and maintenance of the coated surfaces so that the work can be witnessed. The maintenance schedule is to be carried out every (Please refer to amendments table below).
      2. The cleaning procedure is to be directed by competent personnel/or company, with a process approved by Windridge Coatings, and IGP UK, in writing.
      3. A record of cleaning must be made available when a warranty claim is made. If a record has not been kept of the cleaning and maintenance schedule, which must reflect the hazards of the local environment, then no warranty claim will be accepted.
      4. A log should be maintained of:
        1. cleaning materials used
        2. sates of what was cleaned
        3. method of cleaning
        4. details of cleaning contractors to include contact details.
    2. Remedial work.
      1. Any rectification, repair of faults or damage to the powder coating will render those areas and up to one metre away invalidated by the warranty.
  8. Powder
    The Architectural powders have been tested and are expected to perform to the following standards:
    1. 1,000 hours rapid weathering tests in compliance with EN ISO 11 331: 1996 for which the residual gloss should be at least 90% of the initial gloss level.
    2. in outdoor exposure tests (Florida climate, ISO Standard 2810, at 35° south) the residual gloss on the cleaned test sample should be at least 50% of the initial gloss level after 1 (one) year
    3. the reduction of gloss exposed to even weathering shall be uniform over the coated surface.
  9. Transport
    Windridge Coatings staff will assist with the loading of components on to a customer’s vehicle and are happy to advise with safe loading, but the driver has the final responsibility for securing the load. Damage occurring in transit is not our responsibility. We will, however, accept responsibility if a load is heat shrunk in polythene and is damaged through vibrations where insufficient packing has been used.
  10. Claim
    1. Any defects in the powder coating for which Windridge Coatings is responsible must be reported in writing within 30 days of them being discovered so that remedial work does not escalate due to unnecessary corrosion.
    2. For a valid claim to be made, the customer shall prove to the reasonable satisfaction of Windridge Coatings Limited, that 5% or more of the total coated area of the project, where powder coating has failed to provide sufficient protection to prevent corrosion, and where failure is due to a defect or error in the formulation, manufacture, or application of the powder coating.
    3. If agreement is not reached within 30 days, either of the contractual parties may request one of the following companies, or an alternative mutually approved company, to act as an expert arbitrator.

      IGP UK
      Fromeforde House
      Church Road
      Bristol BS37 5JB
      Tel: 01454 800 020

      IPCS House
      32 Daryngton Ave
      Kent CT10 9TS
      Tel: 01843 845472

      Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Ltd
      Stoneygate Lane
      Tyne & Wear
      NE10 0JY
      Tel: 0191 3696111

      After inspecting the site and hearing the arguments of the parties involved the arbitrator shall objectively establish the causes of the defect and responsibilities for the rectification of the defect. The costs of the expert arbitrator shall be assessed by the arbitrator according to the degree of responsibility for these defects; if responsibility cannot be established the contractual parties shall each carry half of the costs.
    4. Windridge Coatings liability whether in respect of one claim or the aggregate claims shall not extend to the first £250 of any loss or damage.
    5. The liability due to loss or damage suffered by reason of failure of the coating, whether in respect of one claim or the aggregate of various claims, shall not exceed 1.5 times the Windridge Coatings invoices value charged for the project application of the powder coating.
    6. Windridge Coatings Ltd liability shall only apply to the product if the coating is used within England.
    7. If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck out with the remaining provisions remaining in force.
    8. The failure of Windridge Coatings to exercise, or enforce any right, or provision of this agreement, shall not constitute a waiver of such a right.
    9. Windridge Coatings liability shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with English Law and be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts only.
  11. Warranty
    A warranty will only come into effect and will only be issued once payment for the project is made in full. The following information is required to issue a warranty:


Project address

Project Contractor

Employing contractor


Environmental conditions

Application start date

Application finish date

Warranty commencement

Warranty duration

Cleaning schedule

Warranty term amendment

This warranty is subject to copyright and must not be copied in full or part without the permission of Windridge Coatings.