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The Tri-Resin System - who's using it?

Thirty balconies at this London site were powder-coated with the Tri-Resin system

Leading architects

Architects specify the Tri-Resin™ Powder Coat System, and quality fabricators use it. There has been a subtle but significant change for the powder coating industry in the last ten years. Leading architects are showing more interest in paint systems; learning about the details instead of being led by marketing. Balconies are a prominent part of the building and railings are often within touching distance of the public so a smooth, visually excellent finish is important.

The larger, busier, quality fabricators

Successful fabricators do not have the time for standing in front unhappy contractors who are withholding retentions because the job is going rusty within a year. Getting the job done properly first time is a must to avoid the expense of correcting a job. There is now a real incentive to seek out powder coaters who apply a reliable finish.

Project leaders who need to save money

The Tri-Resin System wins on two fronts:

  • The finish is exceptional.
  • The paint system has proved good enough to bypass galvanising - on a 200 tonne project that can save £100,000.

The Tri-Resin System is being specified on drawings for swimming pools, structural steel, balconies, railings and much more. It is applied for MOD components, marine equipment and boat fittings.