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Re-paint your chassis and car parts by powder coating

It's a bloke thing. We like fast cars and good looking women, or is it the other way round? Santa Pod girls posing for our camera on a recent visit.

Powder coating sub frames and chassis for classic cars

  • Windridge Coatings powder coat chassis and components for all types of cars, sports cars, vintage cars, Triumph Stags, Kit cars, kart chassis, buggy, quads and formula racing cars and kit car chassis.
  • Powder coat car suspension and any structurally strong metal components, these and many other parts are ideal. Because most of the items that come to us need stripping, thin body panels are not suitable, as they can distort during the blasting.
  • Re-paint spoked wheels using powder coating as the best method of spraying as it wraps round for an even coverage. Powder coating is tougher than wet paint, looking good and more resistant to cracking and chipping.