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Edge Protection Strip and Repainting

We strip down to the metal; we do not paint over the top of existing paint.

The photo above-right shows how not to re-paint Edge Protection Barriers. By powder-coating over existing paint and contamination, an insufficient key between the two layers results in chipping and delimitation of the new coat.

New Life Recoat, on the other hand, includes stripping off the old paint, rust and concrete, applying anticorrosion inhibitors, before re-powder coating. The photo above-left shows used edge protection panels cleaned and ready for painting.

For over thirty years, Windridge Coatings has been powder-coating architectural steelwork and aluminium. We design and build our own specialist equipment, including the largest box oven in the country, pioneered powder coating large, heavy components and patented the “Warm to Touch Powder coating” process. We strive to reduce costs and carbon footprints within the construction industry, and New Life Recoat is another example of how we do this.

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