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Why is the Tri-Resin powder coating system so good?

Powder coating is, in fact, coloured glue, the bulk of which is resin and pigment. When it is heated it forms a liquid, when it cools it goes hard and sticks to whatever it is applied to. A major supplier of powder coating resin is Araldite.

Tri-Resin - the clue is in the name

Some examples of resins are: Polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, acrylic, phenolic and polyamide. They all have different properties for different uses. As the name suggests, three coats of paint (Resin) are applied as separate applications. To produce maximum watertight protection, the film imperfections of the previous coating are protected by subsequent coatings until a continuous film is assured.

Moved away from BS 6497, BS6496 and opted for DIN EN 12944 part 6

Windridge Coatings moved away from the out-dated BS systems because of dissatisfaction with the field results and finding the standards too limiting with the products they allowed us to use. See below why Windridge Coatings voluntarily opted away from the BS systems.

One coat of powder is not good enough

If a reputable wet paint applicator is asked to apply an architectural wet paint system with one coat of paint, he would say “There’s no such thing, one coat is not enough, a multi-coat system is required especially on steel."

Four good reasons for applying more than one coat of paint

  • If the sprayer misses an area, or applies a thin coat of paint, minimal corrosion protection is achieved.
  • If there is dirt left on the metal, the paint can repel producing ‘pinholes’. With one coat these pinholes expose the metal to corrosion.
  • Different paint resins have different strengths, corrosion protection may be offered against one aggressive element but have no resistance to another. (Epoxy will protect against chemicals but will breakdown when exposed to ultra violet.) The Tri-Resin Powder Coating System has three different resin systems.
  • Three coats of paint produces a thicker coating, which looks silky smooth and expensive.

The Tri-Resin System allows us to be an approved applicator with IGP, the fourth largest powder manufacturer in Europe.