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Tri-Resin System - it looks good

200mm diameter post

How does it look so good?

The finish turns something unnoticeable into a high quality product. There is a big difference between 60 microns of paint ‘the minimum requirement for most warrantable powder coating systems that follow BS6497’, and the Tri-Resin system with three coats of paint between 140 - 240 microns.

Everyone has seen a rough finish from rust under the surface, with possibly runs and grinding marks. It does not matter how much care has been taken over the design or the fabrication, if a cheap and nasty, thin coat of paint covers it, that is all the customer sees.

There is no substitute for a well prepared and applied thick coat of paint. Nothing else can achieve that smooth lustre finish the observer associates with an expensive, good quality product.

The Tri-Resin System will give you the finish your product deserves.