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Polyester powder coat warm to touch handrails and door handles

Warm to touch polyester powder coating

In 2008 Windridge Coatings patented its branded Warm to Touch™ powder coating, an insulated powder coating system designed to comply with Building Regulations 2004 Part M and BS 8300: 2009. Since then railway bridges, schools, council buildings and other government railings have been coated in a wide range of colours.

Left: The cold can be a deterrent to using a handrail.

Product advantages

The addition of thermal insulation to a polyester powder coating system makes it an ideal alternative to nylon and thermo plastic coatings. with advantages of many more available colours and finishes:


The finish is not confined to a smooth gloss because nearly the full range of RAL colours, textures and gloss levels are available.


As proved by the thousands of buildings already coated in class 1 and class 2 architectural polyester powder coatings, the colours will not fade, dry out or crack.

Who can paint Warm to the touch handrails

Windridge Coatings can paint your handrails up to 12m lengths.

Thermal conductivity comparison (heat barrier)

The following compares the thermal conductivities of the market contenders. The lowest reading offers the best thermal barrier. Warm to touch powder coating = 0.174 W/m.K. Thermo plastic = 0.269 W/m.K. Nylon = 0.3 W/m.K. This is an ideal paint for warm to touch handrails and warm to touch door handles.

Right: Hybrid powder tested for its thermal conductivity

Anti condensation powder coating

The thermal insulation powder coat is a useful paint for reducing condensation.

Patent Protection.

We are keen to maintain the good reputation of our branded Warm to Touch™ powder coating and have successfully argued two out-of-court settlements with other powder coating applicators.