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Powder coat aluminium; don't paint aluminium

Powder coating aluminium

In 2003 we removed our 8-stage chromate pre-treatment system, operated to BS6496 and adopted an alternative Qualicoat approved system.

Due to our reputation with a large box oven, the sizes of the work we were asked to process were larger then our pre-treatment tanks. The replacement pre-treatment incorporates a corrosion inhibiter suspended in an acrylic resin, which encapsulates the treated metal.

We are now able to pre-treat and powder coat large aluminium components as long as they will fit in our box oven 11m x 4m x 3m.

Tri-Resin™ System (Aluminium)

Polyesters are not as impervious to moisture as was once thought. The Tri-Resin Powder Coat System is a coating system involving three different paint resins to seal the metal against moisture that can permeate through one coat of paint. This thicker coating is more aesthetically pleasing producing a thick luster finish. The Tri-Resin System has been used on aluminium window frames to 9m footbridges.

  • Aluminium: this includes aluminium sheet, aluminium panels, aluminium extrusions and aluminium fabrications.