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Introduction to the Tri-Resin System

Balcony railings next to Tower Bridge were painted with the Tri-Resin System

For over thirty years we have applied the Tri-Resin™ powder coating system directly onto mild steel without the galvanising or hot metal spray because our system does not require it. We have railings close to us 200 metres from the sea that are still look good after 15 years.

The Tri-Resin™ powder coating system is a process that offers the best possible quality for small and large structural galvanised or non-galvanised steel work. For powder coating mild steel, the Tri-Resin System is the way of the future. The requirements for powder coated architectural metalwork are getting bigger; in physical size, quality, and market place. The Tri-Resin Powder Coating System is a process that offers the best possible quality for structural steel work large or small. Only the highest quality Qualicoat approved powders are used mainly from IGP. The Tri-Resin System can be applied to mild steel, galvanised steel, and aluminium. It is a technically advanced alternative to Syntha Pulvin powder coating.

The Tri-Resin™ system incorporates the best practices of corrosion inhibitors, liquid painting and powder coating.

It meets C5M standards making it suitable marine environment. Importantly it has proved itself in the lab and 20 years in the field. To specify: ask for the Tri-Resin System which will ensure good corrosion protection and finish. For these most aggressive environments, ask for class 2 powders. As new improved materials become available they will be incorporated.