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Powder coat long length steel gates and large objects

Windridge Coatings can powder coat big gates, heavy security barriers, long aluminium yacht masts, stairs, large windows and lamp posts. With the largest box oven in the country, Windridge Coatings powder coat gates that cannot be coated elsewhere.

Our large capacity oven is ideal for heavier loads and pieces of structural steel. We can powder coat heavy parts weighing up to 1.5 tonnes and up to 9 meter, 10m, 11m and now 12m lengths. Smaller 6m, 7m and 8m lengths for railings. This allows us to powder coat structural beams to high decorative standard. We are considering building an oven to powder coat 13m, 14m, 15m and 16m lengths for aluminium extrusions and steel lamp posts. If this is of interest please contact us.