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Repaint motorcycle wheels by powder coating them

We are sorry, but Windridge Coatings has stopped refurbishing alloy wheels.

We are happy to powder coat motorbike steel rims


Nearly all modern-day motorbike wheels are powder coated and can be refurbished by stripping paint, grit blasting and then recoating using the best quality powder coatings. New alloy wheels are powder coated, not wet painted because powder coating is tougher and more corrosion resistant, it will take much more punishment before chipping.

When considering powder coat or wet paint, one of the big problems with alloy wheels is the bead corroding and the tyre deflating. This can happen at any time. Re-powder coated wheels are paint stripped and the whole wheel including the beads repainted ensuring a good seal.

Because powder coating is very tough, it has a high resistance to grit blasting. Excessive wear to the aluminium during the paint removal is reduced by chemically stripping prior to blasting.

The wheels are then inspected for cracks and structural damage and chemically treated using a Chromate solution, which also seals the wheel in an acrylic resin, (Liquid paint).

This is an architectural pre-treatment that is used to protect new aluminium for up to 20 years against corrosion. Bearing surfaces are masked, before the application of an epoxy primer and best quality architectural grade polyester.

Wheels that require painting need to have their tyres, valves, bearings and weights removed.

Badly corroded wheels

We will refuse to process wheels that have been allowed to badly oxidize as this will have a detrimental finish to the powder coating. Do not leave it too late to get the wheel repainted.