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Powder coat garden chairs to spray paint garden furniture

How do I strip garden chairs and table?

Most aluminium furniture is imported from the Far East. The casting is left shiny, no pre-treatment is applied and often the wrong type of paint is used. Consequently the paint often falls off or corrodes under the paint. To remove it is very difficult by hand. Windridge Coatings removes the original paint by chemically stripping and grit blasting. It is then inspected and chemically pre-treated using Chromate. This is an architectural pre-treatment that is used to protect new aluminium for 25 years against corrosion. Best quality architectural grade polyesters are used to coat the furniture.

No key - no adhesion

This component has just been chemically stripped exposing the shiny surface under the original paint. There is no key for the paint to adhere to.

Good Key

This is the profile left after it has been blasted. A key is for the paint to adhere to, and any impurities like oxides (rust) and dirt are removed.

Where can I get my garden furniture powder coated?

Windridge Coatings, St. Peters, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3JJ.

How much will it cost?

What is the cost of powder coating garden furniture?

  • Guide price for a chair as shown: £45.00 +VAT
  • Carver Chairs: £50.00+VAT
  • Guide price for a table as shown: £55.00 +VAT

How much! Most garden furniture is made in China and is not designed to last in our hostile climate. Re-painted using the Tri-Resin System, your furniture will last longer than new.

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