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Powder coated croquet and other sports equipment

Chipped and rusty croquet hoops: this bad impression for your club can be avoided. Chipped cast iron CA Tournament approved hoops give a poor impression of the club. Chipped paint and rusty hoops can be stripped and re-painted. Fusion bonded Tri-Resin Powder coated Croquet hoops remain in much better condition than normal powder coated Hoops. Used in the 14th WCF Association Croquet World Championship.

Renovating old Croquet hoops and flags

Old hoops and flags can be made to look brand new but with a tougher more chip resistant paint finish using the Tri-Resin Powder coat System.

The image here shows some old CA Tournament approved hoops from Roehampton Croquet club repainted for 14th WCF Association Croquet World Championship 2013.

The Tri-Resin System uses a unique anti corrosion inhibitor with fusion bonding and the best products available, applied to exacting procedures which makes this method of powder coating ideally suited to high impact uses.

Five year conditional warranty

If the hoops chip through normal play because of incorrect process on our part we will repaint free of charge excluding carriage and a % for fair wear and tear. Please ask for details. Don’t waste the grounds man time brush painting the equipment year after year get it painted properly and have a five year conditional warranty with the Tri-Resin Powder coating System.

Who are good powder coaters?

The fact Windridge Coatings have focused on croquet's needs should indicate we intend do a good job, as we feel Croquet is a good investment of our time.

Special cushion coating, soft thermoplastic, to absorb impact

The tops of croquet hoops often look untidy where the hand painted tops have chipped. This often happens during handling, hammering into the ground and rough storage. Windridge Coatings has developed a new method of painting the tops using a thermo plastic, which has a soft feel to it designed to absorb impact forces.

Repainting by powder coating is suitable for:

  • Jaques Championship Hoop
  • GW Championship Hoop
  • Hopewell Hoops
  • Aldridge Hoops
  • Regular mild hoops

Which chips easier two pack enamel or powder coating?

Powder coating applied correctly can withstand hammer blows (see below). Two-pack polyurethane is probably the toughest of the wet paints but it is more brittle than well-applied powder coating and will chip easier. The video shows how tough the Tri-Resin powder coating is.

Should powder coat chip?

Windridge Coatings often gives talks to clubs and exhibits at shows. To prove powder coating is tough and not brittle when applied correctly, sample panels are tested by hitting them with a 2lb ball pein hammer. The testing is carried out in front of an audience who are always impressed with our confidence

This does not mean Tri-Resin Powder coating will not chip under extreme abuse but is more resistant to chipping compared to other powder coating.

Impact test with 2lb hammer

How much does it cost to powder coat croquet hoops and flags

The price to powder coat:

  • A cast CA approved hoop, white = £15+VAT
  • A cast CA approved hoop with red or blue top = £25+VAT

For a comparison between stove enamel and powder coating, click this button: more

Best way to strip, blast and paint with powder coat chipped Croquet hoops and flags

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