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Strip fireplace surround and spray paint by powder coating

At Windridge Coatings in Kent, we can:

  • Strip fireplaces
  • Blast cast fireplaces
  • Spray paint fire surrounds
  • Clean Edwardian fireplace for black lead polish
  • Remove paint from Victorian fireplace surround
  • Renovating fireplace mantel
  • Powder coat fireplace surround

Where can I get my fireplace powder coated?

Windridge Coatings in St. Peters, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3JJ.

What is the best way of painting my fire surround?

Removing thick paint built up over years by hand is nearly impossible on fire surrounds or fire places because much of it is inaccessible with machine tools. Paint stripping and grit blasting is the best way to remove to remove the paint to expose the detail of the casting. If you are getting the cast fireplace blasted it would be sensible to get it professionally painted. Powder coating is the best when applied properly, because it has the ability to wrap round the metal due to its electrostatic attraction. This ensures a good even coating surrounds the metalwork very difficult to achieve by brushing.

Prepared for you to black lead fire polish

The castings for fireplaces are usually very high quality but the detail is often lost with the build up of years of painting. Windridge Coatings can chemically strip and grit blast the cast iron back to grey metal. This will clean the detail ready for you to finish, or we can powder coat in a black satin ready for immediate refitting.

Before you deliver it to us

The fire surround will need to be striped of tiles, as shown in the picture. The ceramic fire plate at the back of the fire area can be left in place and will get painted. If the fire is used, the paint will be burnt to a white ash.

What is the cost of powder coating a fireplace?

A Victorian surround as shown can be as little as £210 +VAT.

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