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The Bi-Resin powder coating system

The Bi-Resin Powder Coat System

High quality is our priority and the Tri-Resin System™ is the highest, but sometimes the best quality is not always required. The more economical two coat Bi-Resin System might be right for you.

Example Use: Escalator Stair Treads

Escalator stair treads do not need good corrosion resistance, but they do require good adhesion to the metal so chipping does not occur. A thick coating is also required to cope with wear and tear.

The Bi-Resin Powder Coat System is not designed for aggressive environments but is still better than many powder coating systems offered elsewhere. As opposed to the three coat Tri-Resin System™ designed for outside use the Bi-Resin System has two coats. It is grit blasted to SA2.5, corrosion inhibited and powder coated in a good quality polyester powder. What is missing is the waterproof primer. Polyester on its own is not impermeable to moisture and can allow the metal to oxidise under the coating. The primer powder is more expensive than many polyesters and applying it means the components have to go round the plant a second time making the Tri-Resin System™ a better finish but more expensive to apply. Many jobs with low corrosion risk may not need this extra layer of protection allowing the use of the reasonably priced Bi-Resin System. The customer must make a judgement for its suitability.

If you need a powder coated finish with a competitive price ask Windridge Coatings for the Bi-Resin System.