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Repairs, panel beating and straightening service

Repair of damaged goods

It is not the responsibility of Windridge Coatings to check the customer’s work is fit for painting. However, our attitude has always been, a lot of money is spent on the painting, and if we can repair a bent rail, or broken weld we will do it, often without the customers knowledge, if we can’t we’ll let you know.

Health and Safety

We will always let you know if a trend of bad workmanship has taken place. For example: welds on railings that have not penetrated, or components that are tacked, but should be fully welded.


As with fabricating, jigging can make the difference between a job being viable or not. Because of our fabricating abilities we often make bespoke jigs.


A distinction is made between finishing and preparing the fabricators work. It is not the applicators responsibility to finish the fabrication, this includes linishing welds, removing spatter, break-press marks and deep scratches put in the material during fabrication etc. It does include: the cleaning, and keying the metal prior to painting. We will not accept criticism for spraying over the imperfections left in or on the work by the fabricator.


If the job requires remedial repairs on site due to fitting, with prior notice, we can supply aerosols.

Checking your work

We will bring it to your attention, if we see a problem. If we can, we will fix it to save you inconvenience.

Design considerations

Design advice is offered to avoid areas susceptible to corrosion. Also see technical assistance Advice is also offered to Architects and Fabricators for paint specifications. If you would like us to speak directly to the Architect, we are happy to do so.