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Good reasons to powder coat with Windridge Coatings

For a tough finish, get it powder coated

  • For most projects, the painting will be completed quicker.
  • It will have a smoother coating.
  • It will be tougher and less susceptible to chipping.
  • The Tri-Resin Powder Coat System is more rust resistant compared to most other types of powder coating.
  • The cost will probably be more reasonable than wet painting.
  • If you have it painted at Windridge Coatings there will no short cuts. Your component will be blasted back to new metal, corrosion inhibited, powder primered and top-coated with the most advanced powder coatings available.

What can be powder coated?

For a complete explanation of the advantages of powder coating, please click on 'tech assistance' and read 'advantages'. Any metal that can withstand 200 Celsius can be powder coated; anything from a balcony to a bed frame.

For more information go to Technical Assistance.