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Powder coating railings is better, so don't paint railings

Powder coat railings with the Tri-Resin System™ (Steel) to give a professional look free from amateurish runs and brush marks. With the Tri-Resin™ System the steel will be better protected.

These railings running along the Thames were powder coated using the Tri-Resin System™. Over the years Windridge Coatings have powder coated miles of railings with a similar design to the ones shown in the picture above.

Tri-Resin System

All steelwork is grit blasted, sometimes referred to as sand blasting or shot blasting. Corrosion inhibitors are applied with waterproof primers. The best quality polyesters are used from Akzo Nobel and IGP.


The balconies on the left in the above picture were also painted using the same system.