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Good powder coaters: why you should use Windridge Coatings

  • Windridge Coatings was established in 1986.
  • Patent owners for warm to touch powder coating.
  • Large items. If we can’t paint it, it can’t be done.
  • Developed a digital control system to ensure thick workpieces are cured without burning thin sections.
  • Developed Tri-Resin™ Powder Coat System that incorporates the best practices of corrosion inhibitors, liquid painting and powder coating.
  • Developed new application system to corrosion inhibit large workpieces.
  • Full traceability for all jobs.
  • Certificates of conformity and warranties.
  • First to use zinc enriched primer.
  • No CCJs
  • Recommended and specified by architects.

What makes a good powder coater? ...a desire to do the job well

Quality will only be achieved if there is a will to do the job properly. Qualifications and certificates are valueless unless every member of the process shows an interest in the job.