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General guarantees and warranties

Commercial use

Windridge Coatings warranties can be issued on a job-by-job basis.

Non Commercial use

Are all supplied with a two year warranty.

The majority of approved applicators are approved to coat aluminium only. Powder coating is easier to apply on aluminium than on galvanised or mild steel. The zinc in Galvanized steel is more reactive than aluminium making it is easier to pass the required 1000 hours salt spray test. Aluminium components are generally smaller, lighter, cleaner and easier to paint. Very few can offer a warranty on powder coated galvanised or mild steel.

Syntha Pulvin

Due to excellent marketing, powder coating guarantees were mostly associated with Syntha Pulvin. The paint is very similar to other architectural grade polyester powder paints, like Dupont’s ‘Spectrum 3’ and Akzo’s ‘Interpon D’ they would rightly argue that their products and guarantees are of similar quality.

Approved applicators


Until recently, the UK manufacturers guarantees were only given to approved applicators applying their coatings to BS6496 and BS6497. This was to ensure that the application standards were maintained to the highest standard known at the time. The British Standard 6497 still used today, stipulates one coat of powder coating is applied over zinc phosphated or chromated galvanized steel. BS 6496 for aluminium stipulates one coat of powder coating is applied over chromated aluminium. These standards were written over fourtie years ago. Since then technology has advanced generating new products in pre-treatment and primers. The British Standards are very rigid in their conditions and do not allow for the use of alternative pre-treatment products. Some of these products have been proven to be superior than conventional phosphate and chromate.

IGP Powder manufacturer

Overseas powder manufacturers like IGP from Switzerland will award their approved applicators warranties on a different arrangement. The method of application is secondary to the ability of application system to with stand corrosion. Samples panels submitted are tested for 1420 hours of salt spray and must have less than 2mm creep of rust under the paint. IGP will offer warranties on powder coated mild steel not just on galvanised steel. (Conditions apply.)

Windridge Coatings is an approved IGP applicator, one of only six in the uk.


Better known outside the UK, but becoming more accepted in the UK, ‘Qualicoat’ is the recognised European system, by which powder coatings and associated chemicals i.e. pre-treatments, have to be approved. The standard is more flexible and allows for technological improvements to be used. Most good quality powder coating associated products are now Qualicoat approved. Currently Qualicoat approved powder coating is only available on aluminium.

Gloss and pigment retention

The manufacturer will only guarantee their product, for gloss and pigment retention. The applicator is responsible for the adhesion and the quality of the finish. It is the responsibility of the applicator for the warranty that is offered to the customer. The warranty can vary slightly but the main points will be similar.

Cleaning record

  • The paint must be cleaned every 3-12 months, depending on the environmental conditions.
  • A record must be kept of who cleaned it, and what cleaning agents were used.
  • Any damage that has been caused to the painting must be reported to the applicator, within 90 days.

Remedial work

The applicator will undertake remedial work carried out under the warranty in situ. A charge will be made to the user based on a sliding scale of time verses liability at a % per year, starting at the beginning of the second year is used to allow for wear and tear.

If any one of these criteria is not met the warranty will be void.

This is a general overview. Applicators warranties will vary. You should ask for more details from your applicator before you judge their warranty.