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Powder coating cleaning and maintenance

Powder Coatings can be treated like most other paints and will benefit from regular washing. The aesthetic life will be prolonged by being polished and waxed with good quality car shampoos and waxes.


The frequency of the cleaning depends on the environment in which the painting is used. For areas of normal urban environments, we would recommend the paint be cleaned every 6 months. (If this seems excessive, imagine the state of a new car bonnet if it was only washed once every six months and was regularly covered with bird droppings!)

A mild detergent, or ideally a car shampoo, applied by a cloth, sponge or bristle brush should be used, (not an abrasive). The paint film should be cleaned from settled contaminants adhering to it. If the contaminant adhered to the paint cannot be removed by the above method, then the following products have been tested for use:

  • Ajax Cream
  • Liquid Gumption
  • Flash (in water)
  • Ajax Liquid (in water)
  • Cutting compound (‘T. Cut’)

Prolonged contact with chemically active sediment (bird droppings) can dramatically reduce the life of the paint.

If solvents are needed to remove marks, a soft cloth dampened with Isopropyl Alcohol or white spirit may be used. Solvents containing esters, ketones, or chlorinated solvents must not be used without consultation with the paint manufacturer, as these are too aggressive and will melt the paint.


Light scratches can be removed with the use of a cutting compound i.e. ‘T Cut’. Metallics must not be compounded unless they have been lacquered. It will darken the colour of the paint.

Dull finish and colour fading

As with many products, polyester powders vary in price depending on the quality of their ingredients. Over time it is visually apparent which quality powder has been used. Cheaper pigments will bleach when exposed to the ultra violet from the sun making the colours fade. Also with age, many of the cheaper resins in powder coatings will result in them losing their gloss and become matt. This is because the surface of the paint film has oxidised. It is possible to recapture the coatings original appearance by using cutting compounds to remove the oxidised surface. A regular coating of wax ideally a Silicon or Teflon wax will prolong the oxidation from happening again. (Just like the paint on a car.)

Paint protection

The paint will benefit from the application of wax. It will maintain its shine, like all paints, powder coating will benefit from the application of wax. It will maintain it’s shine, and for outside, use the wax will help seal any porosity in the paint. This can be applied during washing, as most car shampoos have wax included. How ever, a dedicated application of wax will be longer lasting.

If regular touching in or paint repair is anticipated, then silicon or Teflon waxes should be avoided, as silicon will repel dirt and any paint that may be applied at a later date.

The suggestions and information provided for repairs and maintenance are given in good faith and are believed to be reliable. No warranty is expressed or implied. Users should satisfy themselves that the products and methods suggested are suitable for their own purpose.