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Industrial polyester powders

The most commonly used polyester powders are industrial grade. This is an economically priced powder used for general purpose steelwork. They are also used for architectural steel and aluminium; but do not have the quality pigments and resin formulations of more expensive powders.

Polyester powder class 1

Class 1 polyester powders are designed for the majority of architectural metalwork. Most seek the approval of Qualicoatâ„¢ as a indication of quality. They are tested for UV stability and are considered a good, general-purpose topcoat for architectural external use.

Polyester powder class 2 (fluoropolymers)

  • IGP HWF 3001 powders.
  • High weather facades.

HWF Class 2 are used for selective projects. IGP Dura powders offer more subtle colours that duplicate the anodised finish of aluminium. They are more water proof; tend to be more resistant to graffiti; more UV stable; can attain a much lower stable gloss level; have excellent flow characteristics; but are more expensive than class1's. However, due to their superior performance, they are being increasingly specified by architects.

Polyester powder class 3

Produced mainly for the American market to offer an alternative to wet paints that are not permitted in Europe. They are the ultimate in powder technology. Due to their price, of around ten times that of class 1 powders, their choice of colours is limited.