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BS 4800 colours

When specifying RAL colours state the numbers not the names. Specifying BS 4800 colours should be discouraged as the powder coating industry is moving towards the RAL system. Many BS colours are not available. You may find your preferred colour on a swatch card at a DIY store used for their paint mixing schemes.

The accuracy of these colours will depend entirely on your monitor and screen settings, so they should definitely only be used as a rough guide.

Portland 00-A-01 Goosewing 00-A-05 Flint 00-A-09 Greyfriar 00-A-13 Lupin 02-C-33
Fontana 02-C-37 Plum 02-C-39 Loganberry 02-C-40 Rosepetal 04-B-15 Tearose 04-B-17
Sierra 04-B-21 Shell 04-C-33 Rosevale 04-C-37 Copper Beech 04-C-39 Tawny 04-D-44
Monarch 04-D-45 Petal 04-E-49 Azalea 04-E-51 Popy 04-E-53 Cameo 06-C-33
Brownstone 06-C-37 Saddle 06-C-39 Cinnamon 06-D-43 Mace 06-D-45 Apricot 06-E-50
Clementine 06-E-51 Nectarine 06-E-56 Magnolia 08-B-15 Sandstone 08-B-17 Antelope 08-B-21
Beaver 08-B-25 Vandyke 08-B-29 Honeysuckle 08-C-31 Bamboo 08-C-35 Bracken 08-C-37
Bison 08-C-39 Goldcup 08-E-51 Flake Grey 10-A-03 Woodash 10-A-07 Rhino 10-A-11
Gardenia 10-B-15 Hopsack 10-B-17 Lizard 10-B-21 Turtle 10-B-25 Ironstone 10-B-29
Buttermilk 10-C-31 Pollen 10-C-33 Savannah 10-C-35 Seaweed 10-C-39 Capricorn 10-D-43
Florida 10-D-45 Jonquil 10-E-49 Forsythia 10-E-50 Aztec 10-E-53 Sea Foam 12-B-15
Willow 12-B-17 Moorland 12-B-21 Chive 12-B-25 Juniper 12-B-29 Catkin 12-C-33
Orchard 12-C-39 Spring Leaf 12-D-43 Sherwood 12-D-45 Citrine 12-E-51 Linden 12-E-53
Alpine 14-C-31 Braemar 14-C-35 Hollybush 14-C-39 Conifer 14-C-40 Garland 14-E-51
Verona 14-E-53 Duck Egg 16-C-33 Orion 16-C-37 Scarab 16-D-45 Lido 16-E-53
Heron 18-B-17 Tideway 18-B-21 Merlin 18-B-25 Raven 18-B-29 Spindrift 18-C-31
Pigeon 18-C-35 Dolphin 18-C-39 Dresden 18-D-43 Pinefrost 18-E-49 Cirrus 18-E-50
Larkspur 18-E-51 Regatta 18-E-53 Pompadour 20-C-33 Viking 20-C-37 Midnight 20-C-40
Trafalgar 20-D-45 Cornflower 20-E-51 Swansdown 22-B-15 Dove 22-B-17 Heather 22-C-37
Pageant 22-D-45 Mallow 24-C-33 Regalia 24-C-39 Black 00-E-53 White 00-E-55