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Broadstairs, Kent
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Edge Protection System

Striping and re-painting edge protection refurbishment.


The Tri-Resin System

The Tri-Resin System incorporates the best practices of corrosion inhibitors, liquid painting and powder coating for galvanised and non-galvanised steel.


Architectural Coatings

Windridge Coatings are owners of the branded Tri-Resin powder Coat System. Approved Powder Coaters for Architectural powder coating, aluminium, galvanised and steel.


Non-architectural Work

For a tough finish get it powder coated. The Tri-Resin powder coat System is ideal for anything that requires a tough, corrosion resistant paint finish.

What makes us a good powder coating company?


Reputation - Windridge Coatings Ltd has an excellent reputation for quality built over three decades.  We use the best available materials applied after meticulous preparation. 


Innovation - Over three decades, we pioneered powder coating on large heavy objects. Developed corrosion inhibitors, designed ovens, conveyor tracks and industry-leading powder coating brands such as Tri-Resin™, New Life Recoat™ and patented the Warm to Touch Powder Coating™ System.

Architectural powder coaters in Kent, specialising in long lengths, heavy steel and edge protection.