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powder coating on balustrade, railings,

Powder coat steel using architectural powder coaters to paint in Kent

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Windridge Coatings is widely trusted by architects and fabricators for painting in Kent and south east, large prestigious projects, applying the architectural Tri-Resin powder coating System to mild steel with out the need to galvanize.
bullet pointLargest box oven in the country 11mx4mx3m. Large, heavy capacity oven. If we can't do it, it can't be done.
bullet pointTri-Resin Powder Coating Systems Applicators of the most robust, corrosion resistant powder system available.
bullet pointWarm to touch powder coating.
bullet pointTrusted for projects with 500 balconies
bullet pointEstablished 1986.

Est 1986 celebrating 30 years

Windridge Coatings Ltd has enjoyed continual growth and years of loyalty from our customers because there is no compromise with the best quality paint, and good preparation. Having the Tri-Resin™ System applied by Windridge Coatings ensures your customers get the finish your fabrication deserves.

Approved applicator for Europe’s fourth largest powder manufacturer IGP Powder Coating.

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Windridge Coatings, has a good reputation for applying high quality architectural protective coatings architectural metalwork. Established in 1986 and now recognised by Architects and major contractors in the southeast, London and midlands.
bullet point Large oven is a camel back oven rigged for automatic spraying capable of processing large volume contracts, mainly sheet metalwork or general metalwork e.g. table frames, railing infill Orsogril or perforated sheet.
bullet point Long oven is another camel back oven capable of coating long components (7m) in low quantities. This oven is suitable for small jobs of general steelwork.
bullet point Big oven used for large steelwork beams and platforms and general big items and heavy items.
This large box oven is the biggest oven in the country for this type of work is ideal for a staircase that has an awkward shape, or 3 dimensional balconies. This oven is renowned for coating long gates, which can include heavy security gates. We manufacture jigs for powder spray painting long heavy beams or long heavy girders, large RSJ’s, long box sections, I beams, universal beams and joists. Large capacity oven for large size and heavy items. Lengths including 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, to 12m. Our large capacity oven can powder coat handle heavy weights including 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 400kg, 500kg, 600kg, 700kg, 800kg, 900kg, 1000kg, 1100kg or over 1 tonne up to 1.2 tonne loads.
bullet pointWarm to touch powder coating.
Developed to comply with Building Regulations 2004 Part M and BS 8300: 2009 our patented thermally insulated powder coating is used to spray handrails in all RAL colours.

High quality standards are necessary for painting heavy large items to avoid remedial work. Windridge Coatings can powdercoat structural steel for large and heavy constructions. Using the latest versatile pre-treatment, allows us to powder coat long aluminium manufactured to large fabrications. We pre-treat and epoxy powder coat galvanized steel prior to top coating in Polyester. Any construction that can fit in our 11.5m x 4m x 3m oven can be pre-treated.
Quality checking is carried out at every stage; using British Standard approved instruments and test methods. Records with tractability are kept up to twenty years.
This web site is separated into three main areas.
Large projects
Offering a service to the construction industry. We are able to handle big, heavy and long objects and apply corrosion inhibiters with Polyester ultra violet stable powders makes us ideal for large building projects e.g. 50 tonnes and above, i.e. Canary Wharf, Blue Water, Town Wharf, etc.
Long lengths
Our large capacity oven is now able to support heavier loads up to 9 metre, 10m,11m and now 12m lengths. Smaller 6m, 7m and 8m lengths for railings. This means handrails can be painted in one piece. We are considering building an oven to powder coat 13m,14m, 15m and 16m lengths aluminium and steel lamp posts If this is of interest please contact us.
Structural steel
If you paint structural steel and don’t have the room or time, then powder coating structural steel is a solution.
General steelwork
If you paint your own general steelwork like fire escapes, stairways, railings, handrails, or even balconies and are unhappy with the mess, then allow us to finish your metalwork allowing you to get on with what you do best.
Approved applicators, Warranty Guarantees.
Advice is given on a powder coating guarantee and warranty.
LUL Approved
Windridge Coatings is an approved applicator for London Underground and painted most of the doors for Jubilee Line.
Quality inspection.
Windridge Coatings carries out the following test:
Cross hatch test for adhesion, this indicates whether the powder coating is cooked or cured. DC Holiday Tester to check for pinholes. Visual check the most important test and the easiest to carry out. Film thickness measurement using paint thickness test meters. Traceability, the job can be traced back to purchased materials.
Warm to touch handrails
We apply warm to touch polyester powder coating.
Blast cleaning.
The site shows the necessity for grit blasting (grit is sometimes referred to as shot, shot blasting or sand, sand blasting). At Windridge Coatings all structural steel is grit blasted to SA2 1/2, in one of our two grit blast bays. Blast cleaning garden furniture is the best way to remove old paint.
Paint strip powder coating service.
Stripping powder coating by pyrolysis (controlled burning off) or using paint stripper.
Removing powder coating is achieved by two methods. We have an incinerator otherwise known as a controlled pyrolysis oven, which is a monitored high temperature oven to turn the paint in to ash, which can then be blasted off. We also use solvent paint strippers to remove Architectural powder coatings.
bullet pointPowder coat aluminium, this includes aluminum sheet, aluminium panels, aluminium extrusions, or aluminium fabrications.
bullet pointPowder coat mild steel, this includes structural steel, steel panels, steel sheets, light and heavy fabrications.
bullet pointPowder coat galvanise, and zinc coated steel, this includes zintec sheets, zinc plated, hot metal zinc spray. To powder coat galvanize on galvanised steel requires knowledge of removing zinc salts and oxides to improve adhesion. There is reference to anti gassing on zinc galvanising, and hot dip galvanize or Powder coating galvanizing is sometimes referred to as Duplex Coating.
Tri-Resin™ System
Only Qualicoat approved products are used, Akzo Nobel Interpon powder coatings Interpon D36 and IGP. The Tri-Resin System offers a technically advanced alternative to Valspa Syntha Pulvin. It can be applied to all of the above metals. All products used are Qualicoat approved. We are not Syntha Pulvin applicators.
Windridge Coatings
For Kent powder coating, we are based at St. Peters Broadstairs between Margate and Ramsgate. Towns leading into Thanet via Sandwich Deal, Dover, Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable or Ashford and are within easy reach by dual carriageways. Medway towns, Sittingbourne, Dartford, Gravesend are only 40 minutes away.
Non Architectural
Motorcycle and quad frames
Windridge Coatings is known as one of the best powder coaters for motorbike or motorcycle frames including sports bike delta frames. We are also painting more Quad bike frames as their popularity increases.
Kit car, Classic car, Kart chassis
New and used Kit car and Classic car chassis are stripped and refurbished in our large ovens.

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